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Verico Di-Verse Mortgage has evolved from a desire to assist individuals in finding the best mortgage options available along with the mortgage that best suits them. Dedicated to making the steps to home ownership an enjoyable and memorable experience, Di-Verse Mortgage provides a personalized service with constant communication and a pro-active, caring environment. With integrity, confidence and a high standard of excellence, we negotiate with Lenders to obtain the best mortgage product to suit the needs of the client.

Verico Di-Verse Mortgage Diane Gagne
Diane Gagne Broker / Owner
p. 1 888 474 8491 / c. 780 221 1115
I joined the banking/lending world right out of highschool and at the turn of the Millennium I decided to become an Independent Mortgage Broker as I wanted to ensure that I was in the best position to always offer my many loyal clients the best mortgage products and options from a wide range of lenders rather than being employed by "one" financial institution and only being able to provide the limited products offered by that "one" lender.  It is a great sense of accomplishment with integrity knowing that I am able to provide my clients with the best mortgage to suit their financial needs for now and the future. The Di-Verse Mortgage Team and I look forward to continuing to provide our existing and new clients with their mortgage financing.
Verico Di-Verse Mortgage Sheila Massey
Sheila Massey Mortgage Associate
p. 780 975 6988
As a former business owner with 30 years of customer service, I look forward to ensuring we find the best mortgage solution for you.  Allow me to provide the best rates, terms, and conditions to fit your needs.
What we can do for you:

* Negotiate with various lenders to ensure that you have the right mortgage fit for you and your lifestyle

* Navigate you through the steps the lender requires
to ensure that your mortgage in processed in a timely manner

Identify the positives and negatives associated with all the mortgage options available to you
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