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It was a pleasure to work with you and find you that perfect mortgage fit. Thank you for your kind words and we look forward to working with you again. If you have enjoyed your Verico Di-Verse experience, please feel free to tell us about it HERE

" Thank-you so much !!! We just came back from doing a walk through and its everything that we were looking for..we can't wait to move in:) thanks for always being there to listen to us and giving us the best news ever today:) " (Darlene)
" My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Christine during our house purchasing process. Her impressive expertise, professionalism and positive demeanor truly made a difference throughout the process. At the beginning, I knew practically nothing about mortgages, but Christine was able to simply explain every detail of the process from start to finish. All of our questions were answered and minds set at ease. Christine let us know our options and went above and beyond to ensure we had the best, most secure mortgage deal to fit us. We especially enjoyed the personable touch that a big bank just cannot provide. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, top-notch mortgage professional! " (Courtney)
" Diane and her team at Di-Verse Mortgage are a great alternative to dealing directly with banks and other financial institutions. I have consistently received lower mortgage interest rates by using Di-Verse Mortgage and highly recommend Diane and her team! Another bonus is that you are not forgotten as a client, once the paperwork is through, Di-Verse sends out regular greetings and gifts to their clients, really adding a personal touch! " (Rebecca)
" Diane!
thank you for all u have done for Cathy and I. It has been the best experience i have had. There was no worries and no panic! U have made this the most enjoyable house adventure. Keep up the good work. People need more professionals like you, who care more about the individual than the price tag on the end.
Thank you again i enjoyed the experience! " (Jim)
“Diane, You always have a solution to a problem and are so connected in many industries - it's remarkable and admirable. You work so hard and at lightening speed and I trust you implicitly...” (Janis)
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